Abou Hashima takes the initiative to pay the tuition fees of 2,460 financially incapable students in 51 schools in Sohag governorate.

October 16, 2017

Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima paid the tuition fees of 2,460 financially incapable students in 51 primary, secondary and technical diplomas schools at Jahina district in Sohag governorate. The initiative lasted for two days and a tour was conducted at some of the schools. The educational administration in Jahina headed by Mr. Roushdi Abdullatif, prepared the schools list and assigned social workers to identify those who are unable to pay all school fees for the academic year 2017/2018. The school managers received the funds allocated to each school to complete the payment procedures, and the schools are: Al-Hafeeya Primary School - Nagaa Bahader Primary School - Al-Hweij Primary School - Al-Groun Primary School - Al Omran Primary School - Jahineh Eastern Primary School - Nagaa Abdul Rasool Primary - Al Dabaa Primary Education - Al Aboudouh Basic Education - Othman Bin Affan Primary School – Nagaa Al Gabl Primary School – Al Tahrir Primary School, Mohamed Abd Al Motaleb Primary School, Al Horeya primary school, Jihad Primary school, Juhayna Primary, Fazara Primary School, Omar Ibn Al Khatab Primary School, Nizah Al Hish Primary Primary - Naza Al Mahzmeen Primary - Naza Al Hajar Primary - Naza Al Baharya Preparatory - Nazlet Ali Primary - Naga Abulila Primary - Mabany Annabis Primary - Anees primary - Nagaa Al Baraka Basic Education - - Naja Al-Mughnaim Basic Education - Juhayna Al-Sharqiyah Preparatory - Shahid Ahmad Fathi Primary - Al-Naser Primary - Arab Preparatory Secondary School- Khalid Bin Al Waleed Preparatory Girls - Naja Aboqeel Primary - Naga Hamza Primary Education (Primary - Preparatory) – Al Harafsha school – Al Tolihat primary school – Salah Salem Primary school – Naza Al Dakshisha Primary School, Al Sharifa Primary School, Mohamed Farid Preparatory Boys school, Einibs Preparatory School, Gad Al Karim primary school, Naza Al Mohazamin Preparatory school, Omar bin al-Khattab primary school – Al Shahid Mohammed Kamel al-Huwaij secondary - Juhayna Commercial - Nzza Hayesh secondary - Jamal Al-Ghitani Secondary Girls School.