Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima Keynote Speaker at the AUC to Discuss His Success Story

April 10, 2018

The American University in Cairo hosted businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, at a symposium organized by Glow team. A large numbers of students from different faculties at the university attended in an open dialogue between them and the businessman. The symposium began with a documentary about his success story in the field of industry and his companies that have flourished in the Egyptian economy during the past years such as Egyptian Steel Group, Egyptian Media group and the building materials complex, which includes Egyptian Cement in Sohag Governorate. In addition to the community service projects that have been implemented and the awards and honors received in many international forums. Abou Hashima said that he was happy to participate in this symposium, confirming that there has been cooperation between Egyptian Steel Group and the AUC since 2014 in various activities. He talked about his success story as a self-made man, emphasizing that success has many factors and each person will inevitably face difficulties and problems and has to be patient. He talked about his shares in some factories between the period of 2002 and 2008, then he decided to sellout all these shares and establish Egyptian Steel Group which was founded in 2010 and was a model for success. He said that the group’s plants use the latest technology which reduces energy consumption by 40% and is the fastest in the field of steel production. He added that the industry faced difficult conditions in the wake of 2011, but the situation began to improve significantly, especially in the last two years, stressing that Egypt is a promising investment market and it is one of the most important markets on the global investment map. He invited the students to visit Al Ain Al Sukhna and Beni Suef plants, which use environment friendly technology.