Senator Ahmed Abou Hashima Grants 32 Scholarships for Beni Suef Outstanding Students

November 1, 2020

Senator and vice president of the Republican People's Party, Ahmed Abou Hashima, announced that he will be granting 32 scholarships for Beni Suef’s most outstanding students, including 18 scholarships and two postgraduate scholarships for Beni Suef University and 12 scholarships for Al Nahda University with a total value of 5.8 million pounds The announcement was made during Leaders League’s Awards ceremony, which was attended by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussam Othman, Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Mr. Ahmed Fathy, CEO of the Youth Leaders Foundation and Anchor, Dina Abdel Karim. Mr. Abou Hashima promised the students who did not win with prizes similar to the ones presented to the winning groups.