Senator Ahmed Abou Hashima
VP Republican People’s Party and Member of the Egyptian Senate and Head of the Senate Youth and Sports Committee. Founder of Egyptian Steel, Egyptian Cement, Egyptian Media & 107 Network

Ahmed Abou Hashima the CEO of the Cairo-based Egyptian Steel, which he founded in 2010. A self-made global entrepreneur, Mr. Abou Hashima has worked in the steel industry since 1996. After the January 2011, he took a calculated risk and pumped 1 billion dollar investments into Egyptian Steel, which eventually paid off. Egyptian Steel and its subsidiaries are producing 20-22 percent of Egyptian steel supply.
Egyptian Steel produces durable, high-quality steel using efficient, innovative techniques and -- with an eye towards energy efficiency, long one of Mr. Abou Hashima top priorities. Egyptian Steel uses state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies, which enabled the group to be the largest green steel producer on a global scale after the full operation of all four plants of the group.
He has also established a sister company, Egyptian Cement, which will produce 2 million tons/year, in the first step towards realizing his dream of making the group a one-stop shop for building materials.
He was also the founder of Egyptian Media group. A conglomerate of all types of media services that he established with the aim to develop the media sector in Egypt and provide the quality and expertise to regain Egyptian leadership in the regional market.

Business and Investments

Awards & Recognitions

One of The Top 100 Most Powerful Arabs

Arabian Business described Mr. Hashima as “a self-made entrepreneur who has built an empire, Egyptian Steel, from scratch, and a role model for young Arab people. He’s also famous for being patriotic and has shown great support for the will power of Egyptians by improving the image of the 30th of June Revolution in foreign media.

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