Abu Hashima participates in SHE CAN and supports female entrepreneurs

March 1, 2020
Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima took part in "SHE CAN - she appreciates" event, and "he stated during his speech that he depends largely on females in his company’s management, following up: "We are the major industrial entity that depend on a high female percentage in its management” He pointed out that Egyptian women are very influential in our lives and societies, praising the prerogative of Egyptian women and their ability to fulfill many tasks successfully, adding: “while helping the needy villages, we met great women. The Egyptian businessman talked about launching the entrepreneurship and emerging projects competition, in cooperation with the Minister of Trade and Industry, Nevin Gamea as 30 projects will be selected to win financial support, stressing that the role of businessmen is to support young people that prompted the forum moderator, Rania Ayman Founder and CEO of Entreprenelle, asked him about his age, to return that he is over forty years old. He stressed on the importance of learning from successful economic experiences, such as China, which depends mainly on women leaders. Rania Ayman handed the businessman Abou Hashima, the forum’s shield in honor of his participation in “SHE Can” event, and his support for women entrepreneurship