Ahmed Abu Hashima Launches Entrepreneurship and Support the Emerging Projects Competition “Start Up Power”

March 3, 2020
Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima announced the launch of entrepreneurship and supporting emerging projects competition - “Start Up Power”, stressing that this field is the main hope to develop the Egyptian economy during the coming period, as he declared on posted video at his social media channels " In the next period we will focus on entrepreneurs, because the entrepreneurship is the hope in the Egyptian economy, and we need out of the box ideas that would allow us to compete with countries that supplies us with basic needs and funding for various projects. Abu Hashima thanked Dr. Nevin Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry and the head of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority for the considerable cooperation and help to launch the competition” He added that an application is developed to be launched on his website, to submit project ideas, a technical committee at the highest level will choose the top 30 projects, the competition addressed the Entrepreneurs who have a project idea in any field and who do not know how to start? Or who really started and can’t complete for poor funding or planning reasons.