Republican People’s Party elects Mr. Ahmed Abu Hashima as the party’s “Vice President”.

March 5, 2020
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima was elected as the “Vice President” of Republican People’s Party after the Supreme Committee’s election procedures. The Party Affairs Committee has been officially notified of this decision, thus Abou Hashima to be the first elected vice president of this party since its establishment in 2012. The Party's president, Engineer Hazem Omar pointed out that Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima is an excellent leader and has a constructive vision and future outlook for the political life in Egypt, which meets the party's goals, as his joining the Supreme Authority of the Republican People's Party. Hazem Omar confirmed that he believes that assigning Abou Hashima at that post will contribute to a better expansion of the Party’s youth base and bring it closer to the youth’s attitudes and goals