Egyptian Steel Celebrates the Opening of 13th Revamped Village in Qena Governorate

Social Responsability
November 5, 2017

Egyptian Steel Group inaugurated the development and revamping project of “Dandara” village in Qena Governorate, in the presence of the Chairman Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Major General Abd El Hamid El-Hagan, Governor of Qena, Maj. Gen. Mamdouh Shaaban, Director General of Dar Al Orman Association, MP Mustafa Bakri, MP Ashraf Rashad, President of Mostaqbal Watn Party, popular figures and parliamentary leaders. Dandara village is the 13th village in the initiative of Egyptian Steel Group in cooperation with Dar Al Orman Association and the Ministry of International Cooperation, which recently joined as a partner in the initiative, after signing a cooperation to support this initiative which aims to revamp 40 villages all around Egypt as a first phase. The development project included the revamping and furnishing of 50 houses, providing poor families with 50 heads of cattle, as well as an insurance policy of 400 pounds per month, assistance in 10 girls’ marriage arrangements, providing 10 wheelchairs for people with special needs in addition to financing 24 micro-enterprise projects. General Mamdouh Shaaban, Director General of Al Orman Association, explained the details of the development project in the village during the last period and the whole initiative that was launched by Egyptian Steel Group in June 2014 to revamp the neediest villages in Egypt. Businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, accompanied the participants on a tour in Dandara temple. During their tour in the temple which is located 2.5 kilometers southeast of Dandara the participants took pictures. This place was formerly known as the "Sixth Zone" in Upper Egypt. At the end of the day, a public conference was held to explain what was already achieved in Egyptian Steel Group’s initiative to revamp Dandara village. The conference began with national anthem, followed by a documentary which contained shots for the village before and after its revamping. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Yasser Al-Qadi congratulated the recipients of the initiative grant, stressing that it is a message to all businessmen in Egypt. He also expressed his great pleasure in participating in the opening of Dandara village in Qena governorate as part of the initiative. He said “Businessmen invest not only to obtain funds and profits, but also invest in building state policies and strategies” stressing on the importance of community participation to investors and businessmen. He added that what he saw through the practical experience in the village of Dandara creates a suitable atmosphere for a new generation that helps to increase production thanks to the efforts of Egyptian Steel Group and he asked the private sector to follow the same approach. From his side, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, asked the audience to stand a minute of silence to mourn the lives of the soldiers of the oasis incident who sacrificed their souls for this country. Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima stressed that their community role to develop the neediest villages is a duty that they do not deserve gratitude for. He thanked President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi for supporting all the social initiatives, including the Egyptian Steel Initiative, the Ministry of Investment, International Cooperation and Al Orman Association for the development of the of the villages. He added that community services are not only the state’s but it is our responsibility to help each other in developing and serving the comminity. From his side, the Governor of Qena, praised the opening and development of Dandara village in cooperation with civil society organizations represented by Dar Al Orman association, and businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, and the government sector represented by the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, calling for spreading this model across the country. He also called for not relying solely on the government’s side for development, stressing that what’s happening in the development of these villages creates a sense of belonging to the country. Najah Hamed, a resident of Dandara village in Qena, said he was happy to have a home from the Dandara revamping and development initiative of Egyptian Steel Group. He thanked the owners of the initiative, headed by businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, Governor of Qena and the other leaders who are working on the initiative, who saved them from the harsh living circumstances in which they lived before the development project.