Egyptian Steel Inaugurates Dar Al-Gamaliya Orphange

Social Responsability
February 21, 2018

Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group and Minister of Interior, General Magdi Abdel Ghafar inaugurated Dar Al-Gamaliya Orphanage as the second project in the initiative that Egyptian Steel Group has embraced, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, to revamp senior citizens’ retirement homes, orphanages, homeless children and people with special needs’ care centers. Major Magdi Abdel Ghaffar and businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima inspected the refurbished orphanage building which includes providing a complete living environment for children including bedrooms, places to exercise, an outdoor terrace, restaurant and places for studying in addition to furnishing the whole orphanage building with a cost of EGP 4 million. Al Gamaliya orphange covers an area of 2000 square meters and accommodates 100 children aged from 7 to 18 years old. Taha Al-Hilali, Chairman of Amani Al-Khair Association, said that the association was established and supervised by the Minister of Interior, General Magdi Abdel Ghafar and he expressed his happiness with the cooperation of Egyptian Steel Group in the initiative of revamping the orphanages. Businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, thanked the Minister of Interior for his presence in the orphanage opening event, adding that this initiative is different from the initiative of revamping the neediest villages in Egypt, and he said “I would like to thank the Minister of Interior for his effort to complete this project in the shortest possible period. "The importance of this initiative is that it is primarily concerned with orphans, homeless children and senior citizens’ retirement, who are cases currently existing in the community and we have to support them by providing a decent life” Mr. Abou Hashima added. He said "We are proud because with this initiative we achieve the concept of the golden triangle, “Amani Al Khair Association” representing the civil society, “Egyptian Steel Group” representing the private sector and the Ministry of the Interior representing the government. He added: "The orphanage, which accommodates 100 children, and the rehabilitation project were successfully delivered and became a healthy orphanage. Homeless children can be a real problem in a society. They must be given proper attention, and to be trained and well educated to become active and productive community members. Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima revealed the next project, which will be a cooperation between Egyptian Steel and the Ministry of Interior, to raise the efficiency of a hospital in Badr City. The initiative will also continue orphanage revamping with a project outside Cairo. Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima also announced the revamping project opening date of Al Rawdah village in North Sinai which will be in next April, as part of the initiative for the neediest villages in Egypt adding “it gives us honor to revamp the village of Rawda with the cooperation of Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation and Dar Al Orman Association to fight terrorism with development" and he thanked the armed forces and the police for their sacrifices to fight terrorism in Sinai. It is worth mentioning that the initiative to raise the efficiency of orphanages, and homeless children, senior citizens’ retirement and people with special needs care centers was launched in July 2017. It was launched by Egyptian Steel Group, the Ministry of the Interior and the Amani Al Khair association under the patronage, Minister of Interior, General Magdi Abd el-Ghafar.