Fayoum Governor and Ahmed Abu Hashima Inaugurate Khalifa Yunus Village Revamping Project

Social Responsability
January 17, 2020

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, the Governor of Fayoum, and businessman Mr. Ahmed Abu Hashima inaugurated the 16th revamping project in mid-2014 launched initiative in cooperation with Al Orman Association to help the needy villages. The Governor and Abu Hashima reviewed the houses that were completely rebuilt and furnished. Al-Ansari called the businessmen to adopt Abou Hashima’s idea to participate in helping the state and needy to increase community participation. The village residents have expressed their happiness for getting a great qualitative shift after the initiative provided all home appliances and home furniture. The village revamping project included the rehabilitation and furnishing of 30 homes, and providing electrical appliances, 24 development projects, 5 wheelchairs and 20 medical stethoscopes were delivered to those who are unable and with special needs, helped 30 orphan girls to get married, and help performing (50) eye operations and (25) heart operations.