The French University in Egypt Honors the Businessmen Ahmed Abou Hashima

December 23, 2018
Ahmed Abou Hashima: Health and time are the human first wealth, Mohammed Salah added 100 million fans of Liverpool, I earned the first million pounds after a year and a half and 2019 is the year to reap the benefits of struggle and fatigue. Health and time are the first form of wealth God grants them to humans, they must be well kept and carefully invested. They are the first steps in the success path which I consider a decision and not a goal. Successful management can penetrate any field those were the businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima - Vice Chairman and the CEO of Egyptian Steel Group and the Chairman of Egyptian Cement Company own words during his open discussion Mindset with the French University students. Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima added that the year 2019 is a year of reaping the benefits of struggle, fatigue, and a lot of effort exerted during the previous years and this does not mean that our ambition has stopped or decreased on the contrary, it is increasing continuously. Mr. Ahmed Abu Hashima was welcomed by the university Family, headed by Dr. Taha Abdullah, Acting President of the French University. Abu Hashima added that young people now have more opportunities than previous generations with their great potential and the huge technological revolution we live in. "I was at the Suez Canal University in the Faculty of Commerce, which is a government university," he said. " I did not expect that I could reach my dream but I had a determination to succeed. " I was an outstanding student, but I did not benefit anything from what I studied, I dreamed of joining the Faculty of Economics & Political Science, but I did not due to my final scores (90%) and joined the Faculty of Commerce at the Suez Canal University instead. Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima continued: " The biggest achievement in 2018 is that we have been able to overcome 2018, which was very difficult especially after the decision of floating the Egyptian pound, and I consider that the workers in the Industrial Sector are heroes. The biggest achievement for me is that I have maintained our investments and the volume of employment; we have not made a profit, but the achievement is that we have maintained what already existed. My goal in 2019  is to reap the benefits of struggle, fatigue, risk and the huge amount of effort exerted during the previous  4 years, "he told the students." A young graduate should forget completely about looking for a job in the government sector, there is a surplus of about 5 million workers in this sector; entrepreneurship should be the answer to those students and to start their own project even if they have zero capital, the most important thing is to have an idea that you believe in.